SunnyFurniture is a Bulgarian importer of luxury office furniture. The primary focus of the company is the simple classic offices desks, cabinets and conference tables made of MDF with high quality wood veneer in walnut and mahogany colours. Currently, we are the only importer of such furniture in Bulgaria. Moreover, we are able to offer our customers a great variety of office items that we keep in stock at our warehouse in Vidin. Thus we can quickly and efficiently deliver and perform the assembly of the furniture pieces. The price to quality ratio is incomparable in the current market conditions. As a secondary focus we offer courtroom furniture on demand. This can be pre-ordered and delivered by us in agreed terms. As an addition, we have a small selection of leather furniture and home items, primarily within the Samples and Treasures section of our website.

It’s a pleasure for us to create, contribute and delivery a pleasant, vibrant and harmonic office atmosphere to our clients for more than 14 years. We praise loyalty and good partnership, invest in building relationships and long-term clients. We strive to build trust and continuity in our projects and day-to-day work. SunnyFurniture will be happy if you share with us the creation and delivery of your office space so that we can prove our worth.